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Campaign to improve our live stream

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Faith Lutheran Church in Millersburg, Ohio is a country church that is Christ-centered, Mission-driven, Traditionally-grounded, and Congregationallly-focused. With that in mind, our congregation has grown beyond our four walls via the internet and Facebook live and we have been able to touch hundreds of Souls throughout the world. Our goal is to update our audio and visual equipment to enhance both the online and in-person experience of sharing in God’s Word and the Mission of Spreading the Word, Hope, and Love through our Faith and Love of Jesus Christ. Our pipe organ has been in place since the 1930s and is in need of repair to preserve this unique musical experience. We are also in need of a better audio system to provide our internet congregation with a clearer message and provide visual aids through monitors and computer upgrades. It is our hope to continue spreading the word of God to all those who need to hear his message of Hope and Love. Please help our small congregation to continue this ministry throughout the world.